The True Essence of Beauty, Health & Well Being

From the very start, our extreme passion and innovation in the arts of stylish and edgy Hair, Makeup, had allowed us to rapidly excel in hair design and make up artistry.

We have fashioned together what has been recognized as one of the worlds most renowned creative team of Hair stylists, Hair Extensionists, Colorists and Makeup Artists.

It's this exquisite team's passion and creativity that has brought some of the many stylish, edgy and fashionable designs you see through out the world today.

It was later that we focused equally strong on another peripheral desire of ours.
One that everyone wishes.
To bring out a persons natural beauty, not to just make claim like others.
But to bring out a persons true potential in every area of beauty, all while striving for absolute health and well being, thus allowing more permanent results.
Hence Euphora Citi. A concept of its own. One you'll find nowhere else.
Offering a multitudinous of the most unique and state of the art effective beauty treatments that most Spas haven't fathomed.

Euphora Salon & Medi-Spa welcomes all to experience the true innovation and perfection that the world of beauty has to offer.

And what makes all this possible is fact that our team is made up of the finest Stylists, Makeup Artists, Aestheticians, Endermologists, Laser Specialists, and Massage Therapists.
Each hold a devotion to ensuring every Salon, Spa and Medi-Spa specialty and treatment is of the most effective.

Allowing you to actually gain the results and look you've wished, or once expected.